Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Himachal Pradesh is arguably the most scenic region in India. Without a doubt, the best way to experience the full potential of this region is by immersing yourself in outdoor activities such as trekking. Bhrigu Lake trek is a short trek perfect for those who do not have ample time but still want to experience trekking in this beautiful region. Starting from Gulaba village, which is just a short scenic drive from popular Manali, makes this trek much more accessible and easy to arrange.

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Bhrigu Lake trek overview

Day 1

Gulaba (10,000 ft.) to Rola Khuli (12,500 ft.)

A 5KM trek in which you climb 2,500 ft. It took us around 3 hours to complete.

Rola Khuli camp site

Day 2

Rola Khuli (12,500 ft.) to Bhrigu Lake (14,000 ft.) to Pandu Ropa (11,800 ft.)

A 12KM trek starting with a steep ascent till you reach Bhrigu Lake followed by a gentle descent towards Pandu Ropa.

Brighu Lake
Pandu Ropa camp site

Day 3

Pandu Ropa (11,800 ft.) to Vashisht (6,700 ft.)

Some people decide to go back to the starting point of Gulaba but we wanted to track back to Vashisht to see another side and end the trek where we were staying. Today’s trek was the hardest as it is a steep descent towards Vashisht which took us around 4 hours to complete.

Glorious Breakfast at Pandu Ropa
Descent to Vashisht

Why this trek?

At almost 14,000 ft., Bhrigu Lake is a spectacular glacial lake that changes color depending on time and season. However, the lake should not be the only motivation for this trek. Throughout the three days, we trekked through pristine meadows, surrounded by views of Deo Tibba Mountain (19,688 ft.) and several other snow peaks.

View from Pandu Ropa

For Bhrigu Lake trek it is recommended to hire a local guide since the path is not always visible. Any agency in Manali or Vashisht can arrange the trek so shop around for best offers. Something to keep in mind when choosing an agency is how environmentally conscious they are. Try to pick one were the staff are educated and aware of such issues. It was really sad to see how dirty the areas around the campsites were. Be responsible and carry all your rubbish back down to try and minimize the impact on the area as much as possible.

Bhrigu Lake

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