Workaway: how it will enrich your travel experience

Workaway: how it will enrich your travel experience

Whenever we meet new people, the questions we get asked mostly are always related to money. Recently via Workaway we spent two months living in a luxurious camping and resort in a picturesque valley in Northern India. Our total expenses were close to zero.

How? We traded our time for food and lodging. Hence, while we were not earning any money, we were also not spending from our savings. This helps us to balance out our budget and prolong our travels.

Nowadays it is so easy to find such opportunities thanks to websites such as Workaway and others. We use Workaway, a website with over 29,000 placements around the world. Their aim is to connect travelers with hosts worldwide. The advantage of using such websites is that you can see feedback from fellow travelers and you can also build your own profile.

Our home for two months

For two months, we lived and worked at this beautiful property that otherwise we would have not afforded or even knew about. Our job was mainly to accompany guests on treks as their guides and interact with them during meal times and evenings.

While our budget is a prominent motivation for us to do such experiences it is definitely not the only reason why we do. Here are 5 reasons of what we feel are the advantages of doing such experiences.

Benefits of Workaway

Introduction to the country

We found that such experiences are a great introduction to any new country. You learn about the country’s history and customs from locals. You start picking up words and phrases from the local language. After two months in this resort, whose main clientele is Indian families, we learned a lot about current affairs, Bollywood and anything related to India. I can confidently say that we are much more prepared to travel India now than we were before. We know why certain things are the way they are and many of our questions are now answered.

Cooking lesson from our hosts in Morocco

Connect with locals

What better way to build connections and lasting relationships if not through working and living everyday normal life. Throughout all our Workaway experiences we built relationships with people that we would have never met otherwise. We lived with a Muslim family in a small village in Morocco, helped build a mud house alongside Berbers in the Sahara Desert, learned meditation from Buddhist monks in Thailand and learned a thing or two about hospitality from an Indian family who run one of the most successful travel and adventure companies in India.

Great road trip to Sach Pass with our Workaway hosts
Evening walk with our host in Tagounite, Morocco
Hitchhiking with other Workawayers in Kohn Kaen, Thailand
Dinner at our host’s home in Bulaaouane, Morocco

Build relationships

When you have been on the road for so long, you might find yourself craving the feeling only family and friends can give you. You might want to build some roots in a place. Take out your few possessions from your backpack and feel at home. This is what some of the experiences will give you … a home away from home.

The Mindfulness Project: a workaway opportunity beyond all expectations

Slow traveling

By now we have realised that we prefer to spend more time in one place as oppose to visiting a different destination every few days. We prefer to see fewer places but have a deeper connection with the places we visit. Hence, through Workaway we get the opportunity to spend more time in one place and really get to know the area and the people.

On a break during one of the treks in Sangla Valley, India
For two months, this valley was our backyard
A taste of traditional village life in Morocco

Step out of your comfort zone

What better way to challenge yourself if not by a new experience in a new country with new people. Through Workaway you will get the opportunity to learn new skills or try out something you always wanted to but never got the opportunity to. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that for two months of my life, I will work as a trekking guide in the Himalayas.

Finish line of one of the treks
For sure a step out of my comfort zone!

Such experiences are great as a cost cutting measure when you are traveling on a budget. However, approach them with an open mind and heart and you will get so much more than that. You will have experiences and memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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  1. This is very interesting..didn’t know about workaway! Will check it out for sure, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Len 🙂 It is really great. I can honestly say that the best memories from this year travelling are from Workaway experiences. Thank you for the feedback.

  2. So many people should try this, I havent heard about it, but something that sounds like it should be researched into further. awesome job!!

  3. Same as the comment before. I have never heard about workaway but it seems intriguing.

  4. It’s first time I heard about Workaway but It looking interesting way of enjoy your vacations without spending too much .

  5. Love the idea of Workaway and slow travel. Looks like you guys are having a blast.

  6. Great article! Thanks for sharing the love of travelling and how to make the best of experiences and memories. I’ve heard about Workaway before but never had the opportunity to be part of it…maybe it will be my next adventure 😄🙌🏼

    Travel on my good friends 🌏 X

    1. It is really great, we love it. Our next Workaway is in th Thar desert on a camel farm….so excited for this one 😬

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